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Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system. The lymph nodes are found in various places around the body. There are multiple areas of the lymphatic system that can become cancerous. The area of the lymphatic system that is primarily affected will determine to a great extent, both the treatment and survival rate are determined by where in the body the cancerous cells are located and if they will be able to spread to other areas of the body.
The lymphatic system is made up of lymph nodes, lymphocyte cells, bone marrow of the thymus and long bones, the spleen, tonsils and adenoids as well as the lymph.
Other cancers can also start within the lymph nodes such as breast cancer. However breast cancer symptoms are not the same as lymphoma blood cancers.
The most common of blood cancer types is lymphoma. Many people confused lymphoma with leukemia, another type of blood cancer. Although they are both blood cancer diseases, they are not the same. About 56% of all patients affected with blood cancer have lymphoma
Hodgkin's lymphoma is named after Thomas Hodgkin. Mr. Hodgkin discovered this disease in 1832. There are two types of lymphoma named after Thomas Hodgkin. Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Lymphoma starts when the white blood cells, called lymphocytes, progressively multiply as a result of malignant changes within the lymph nodes and other areas in the body. They begin to grow in large numbers, pushing out healthy cells. This is what leads to the formation of tumors in the lymph nodes. Other areas affected can be the spleen and thymus and so forth.
Lymphoma can originate in the blood and bone marrow as well as the lymph nodes or lymphatic tissues, which are present in the stomach or intestines. From the bone marrow it can spread to many other parts of the body. While it is true that leukemia can spread from the bone marrow to the blood and lymph nodes, lymphoma is very different from leukemia. Lymphoma is the sixth most common cancer in men and the fifth most prevalent caner among women in the US.
There are two major types of Leukemia: myelogenous and lymphocytic. There are acute and chronic forms of each of these types. Although a great deal of information can be found both on-line and offline about lymphoma, it is always best to seek out medical care if you have any suspicious symptoms. Sadly, there are many different types of cancers. There are several types that affect the blood. Blood cancers that in the bone marrow are not to be confused with bone cancer.
It is always best for anyone that may suspect they have some type of health issues, regardless of the type, to discuss it with their doctor.

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